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Speaking Truth with Transparency, Humor and Love 

“I have had the joy to lead a workshop with Sam Evans and found that her contagious faith, passion for life, and winsome personality make her a compelling speaker and presenter."

— Rev. Fred Vanderwerf, District Superintendent of the MN United Methodist Church 
CrossRoads Church
Lakeville, MN, May 2012
Grace United Methodist Church
Pequot Lakes, MN, April 2012
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“This book was incredible. It helped me so much through my miscarriage. Loved all of the passages from the Bible she referenced. I would highly recommend this book!”
 -Amazon Customer 

“This book was my friend—something I looked forward in reading. I totally related to this book and to Sam. Very inspiring and completely written out of love and experience.”
-Mami Love

“Hit my heart and my funny bone. READ THIS BOOK.”

“This book helped me stay grounded in my faith in the midst of my pain.”

"This book is written with raw, honest emotion and gives the reader permission to grieve. Thanks for sharing your story."
 -James Patzer (Wauconda, IL)

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"Samantha Evans traveled to Lubbock, Texas for our annual Memorial Service and gave an inspirational and meaningful message in a sometimes humorous way. It meant so much to all of the loss families in attendance that someone who has been in their shoes could give an amazing message that could be related to by all."

—Suzy Emre, Pregnancy Infant Loss Awareness, Lubbock, TX 
“Samantha Evans is a Christ-centered writer, speaker and person. Her passion and dedication to moms of loss is inspiring and humbling.”

—Madison Lacomb, 
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Southern Prairie District UMC Youth Retreat
Prairie River Camp, Bricelyn MN March 17, 2018

April 2018
Catch of the Month Winner

From Proofreader Melody Davis:

This writer skillfully tells the difficult story of a 10-year-old who was kidnapped and assaulted by a stranger.  Beautiful job portraying the very real anger she feels toward God "for allowing this to happen" and then the absolutely heartbreaking scene at the end ... that chokes me up EVERY TIME I read it. Very nicely done. 

From Executive Editor Jen Genovesi:

"The boogeyman is real."
From that opening line, we learn a couple crucial things: 

1. This is a kid.
2. It's gonna be scary.

And it is. In fact, it's likely the scariest thing that could happen to a kid.

[This writer] did a spectacular job handling a horrendous crime ... Brace yourself. If you've got kids, care about kids or remember being a kid, honest to God, brace yourself. It's a gut-wrenching page-turner. And utterly triumphant.

March 2018 Catch of the Month Winner

You will find yourself hooked from the very first sentence. [This story] will make you want to run straight into Jesus' arms. 

Executive Editor Jen Genovesi said this:
"Expertly handled by a relative newcomer to GCP ... It's absolutely captivating. 

We get a glimpse into the full experience of what it means to put one's faith in God -- even when circumstances seem random, desperate, scary, shaky and wildly unfair. We see faith wobble, steel itself, invite others in, and rise with resolve. We see faith in action. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful job."

Proofreader Melody Davis said this:
A shining example of showing how an unfair, random act of violence can be used to convey the forgiveness we have from Jesus and the forgiveness we then must extend to others who have done us wrong. Very nicely done! 
Congratulations, Samantha Evans! Your story
 "Bla Boosh" is this month's Catch of the Month!!

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She walks through her experience and others. It is like having a friend there with you in the pain. I had a hard time opening the book. The cover looks like the drawing I made of my baby Roe. If you are hurting from the loss of a child, please read this and let someone be there with you. My husband went out to sea a week after we lost our baby. I was left feeling alone, depressed and trying to heal and take care of three kids. This book was there, letting me know I'm not grieving alone.

Love Letters to Miscarried Moms
June 2018, Amazon Review
Speaker/ Author/ Workshop Leader

See me in action at a Memorial Service in Lubbock, TX.