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The Prodigal's Son

Kaylynn's Poem

by Samantha Evans on 02/21/20

Another bittersweet, beautiful first. Today is Kaylynn's birthday, the first without her dad. After two hours of pushing, Kaylynn was born by C-section. She came out screaming. The nurse handed her to Clint, who whispered, "hey there, little one," and she instantly stopped crying when she recognized her daddy's voice. I wrote this poem for her 9 years ago. I'd not read this piece since Clint's death, and well, shit. You'll cry too.

October 26, 2011 ·
Kaylynn's Poem

You asked me, Darling, about the scar near your eye,
Well a ferocious tiger thought he’d give you a try.
But then your dad stepped in with threatening might.
Honestly, the episode was over before there e’er was a fight.

Hard to believe? Fine, I’ll tell you the truth.
We weren’t really certain so we hired a sleuth.

Who found himself quickly in the wake of a gorilla stampede
They’d taken you high into the jungle’s trees
But your dad puffed his chest and growled a silverback’s growl
Then swiped you from them with a snort and a scowl.

This is what happens when you’re born in the jungle I suppose.
More proof? Match your scar to a rhino’s toes.
There was a very clever rhinoceros trying to teach you to dance
But he tripped and he tumbled and your face he did glance.

Oh! There was that one elephant to whom we granted one wish.
He thought you were pretty so he gave you an elephant trunk kiss.

It could have been simply that I pushed and I pushed and I pushed with no luck.
No amount of effort mattered because your forehead was stuck.
So they cut Momma open. You didn’t make a fuss.
And then the doctor exclaimed, ”She’s looking right at us!”

That is the hospital storythat February day
But I know in my heart it happened this way.

As God sent you down from heaven to earth,
He touched His finger to you and claimed you at birth.
“You are mine, how I love you, the delight of my eyes,
You’re lovely, amazing, you are one of a kind.”

No matter what life jungles you find yourself in
What calmed you your first day will still you again.
Chase your dreams without fear. Laugh. Dance. Rejoice.
You’ll never lose your way home; you know your father’s voice.

Never believe that you’re pretty but for your scar.
You've fought to live from day one, it’s who you are.
So early you wear the scars of life.
In majestic beauty you bear the marks of Christ.

“Let no one cause me trouble for I bear on my body the marks of Jesus” Galatians 6:17.

Front: Clint Evans (husband), Sam Evans (that's me!)
Back: Friends Eric Sprinkle (co-author) and Scoti Domeij (publisher)

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Then I looked down. 13,000 feet down. 
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The greetings at the Colorado Christian Writer's Conference closely resembled a college freshman orientation. During one of these introductions, I pointed to the name tag on my collarbone. "Hi. I’m Sam.” 

The man pinched the fleece at his collarbone and, finding it nametag-less, said, “Hi. I’m North Face. Nice to meet you.” And that, friends, is the moment that Eric Sprinkle and Sam Evans became friends--and near-future co-authors.

The day prior, I awkwardly trudged through the MSP airport wearing Minnesota winter boots (vastly different from winter boots) while 80 degrees outside, but redemption came when 42 inches of snow fell in Estes, in 36 hours. The snow didn’t bother me. It was gorgeous and I’m from Minnesota, “where people help people get stuck cars out of the snow for fun,” adventurer extraordinaire Eric Sprinkle noted. I shrugged. With great boots comes great responsibility. 

I was curious about home, but had poor cell reception. “I tried to call, honey—honest.” Besides, my soul craved quiet  and quickly shoved curiosity into a snowbank.  Roads closed, trapping some people in while keeping others out. The sheer amount of snow forced the clock’s rotation to slow down. 

I hiked out the next morning before the sun rose on the white forest. In that stillness, I felt God sifting me. Ugly corners of my heart required attention and I was God’s captive audience. 

When was the last time you stepped off the page of your Choose-Your-Own-Adventure life and granted God an opportunity to speak to your heart? Adventure Devos is about taking a breath to locate God in your adventure. Because, if you learn to find him in the stillness, it will be much easier to match his pace within the chaos. 

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"In His Shoes" is the first entry of a series that chronicles the life of Pastor Clint Evans, the prodigal pastor and the Prodigal's Son. 
He lived hard and loved hard and died of cancer in June of 2019.
In this realm of navigating grief and loss, once again my heart syncs with my pen.