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Speaking Truth with Transparency, Humor and Love 
3,000 Years in 53 Minutes 
3,000 Years in 53 Minutes:
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I still sometimes experience flares of anger toward God at not getting my way. Every time that happens I force myself to walk back to the cross. The pain that I feel for the separation I have from my children could have been permanent. 

My separation from God could have been permanent. 

It's hard not to diminish the work of the cross when, like children born into privilege, we have never known anything else. 

​But I do not know hope without the cross, nor without the Savior who conquered it. 

I pray that your heart is lavished with the peace that comes from this blessed assurance. 
                                            Love, Sam Evans
Pregnancy Infant Loss of Lubbock, TX:
Founder Suzy Emre and others gather regularly for support groups. There is also online support at the Facebook Page: Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness of Lubbock  

To order a scrapbook specialized for a perinatal or infant death: Forever Heart Publishing

For financial or emotional support concerning the burial of your child: The Tears Foundation

For a peaceful place to retreat to...
The Missing Grace Foundation
Faith's Lodge

​LinkedIn: The Bereaved Parents Network 

​Children's books that explain heaven-arrived baby to his/ her siblings: Alexandra's Rose
Hope Mommies exists to share the hope of Christ with bereaved families experiencing infant loss. Join their online community or find  a chapter of this growing ministry near you. They provide hope boxes, small groups and annual retreats. 


The Mary Claire Project exists to expand awareness of and access to burial options for families experiencing the loss of a child in miscarriage or stillbirth.

Making a Momma: When pro-life means pro the momma's life. The baby had zero chance to live. The baby was killing her. Madison and her husband faced a choice that none of us envy. No matter your stance on pro-life, I know that I can trust you to be wholly supportive and encouraging when you respond.

Helpful Resources Regarding Early Infant Loss
Dear Friend,
Hanging in there? At some undistinguished point in the last six years, I went from surviving the day to actively searching out its blessings and striving to be a blessing to others. 

 If you or someone you know has had a miscarriage quite recently, I can tell you from experience that the grief is survivable. 

Sometimes I feel guilty for having had children. I wish so badly that every one of my readers would eventually be blessed with a child, but everyone's story is different. 

And sometimes I feel guilty for moving through my grief, but I knew that I would. Something would be wrong if I hadn't. 

That's why it was critical for me to write Love Letters  when I did. Reflections are different in the moment than they are five-plus years later, and I wanted to be in those moments with you. 

The pain doesn't disappear but it subsides. I say this with confidence on the other side of grief. There are still moments when pain hits like a lightening bolt to the heart, sharp and poignant. 

Helpful Hints to Help a Grieving Loved One
1.) The best gifts I received that week were meals, flowers, babysitters, and time to grieve on my own terms.

​2.)  If you know anyone who is miscarrying,encourage her to put a strainer across the toilet seat. It will save her from having to fish for her baby. It sounds morbid, but it helps to make a terrible situation just a little bit better.

3.) Be intentional about love. Even worse than saying or doing something wrong, is doing nothing at all.

4.) Mirror her or him. Are they being serious or silly? Is conversation staying at the surface? It's a dance. Let the grieving lead. 
Rainbow Babies Photo Shoot
 August 2016

A rainbow baby is the baby born immediately following a miscarriage or early infant loss. 

Clint and I have three angels born to heaven on Sept. 28, 2009, December 10, 2009 and January 13, 2014. We also have three beautiful daughters with whom we share life here on earth—Kaylynn (2011), who is a teenager trapped in a 7-year-old's body, Kelly (2012), who marches to her own little drum, and Trinity Grace (2014), who was conceived two weeks after our last miscarriage. Trinity has wicked, mad scientist hair and is not afraid to tell you what she wants. 
"I just finished reading the book. It reminded me that I am not alone. I could not believe that everything I am feeling is being felt by other miscarried mothers. Your book helped me. Thanks for sharing your story!" 

-Jacqlyn, Yardville, NJ

Love, The Evans Family
Samantha Evans is the author of award-winning Love Letters to Miscarried Moms. Since the original publication date in 2011, Clint and Sam Evans’ family has grown, totaling three heaven-born babies and three beautiful, earth-born daughters. 

In 2017, Evans co-authored three versions of Adventure Devos with professional writer, photographer, certified white-water rafter and hang-from-mountain-upside-downer, Eric Sprinkle. Sam’s “Ad Dev” contributions, detailing vivid descriptions of leeches, the polar plunge, skydiving and chasing a wolf through the woods, focused more on what not to do in the wilderness.

In 2018, Evans won back-to-back “Writer of the Month” awards through Good Catch Publishing. Her freelance work through GCP consisted of extensively interviewing people about their God stories and then writing the story teller’s story for him or her in first person. 

In June of 2019, Evans husband Clint joined their heaven-borns after a 20-month long battle with cancer. 

As she wrote Love Letters, Evans continues to convey the truth with humor, transparency and love in the midst of her grief and loss, conveying the most important message of all: you are worthy, so, so worthy of God’s love.